Reading Circles

Interested in forming a reading circle during Lent? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Gather your Reading Circle.
Some suggestions we’ve heard are these:

  • Get together in someone’s home or a local coffeeshop.
  • Set up a phone call with a few friends if you live too far from one another to meet in person.
  • Start an email thread each week or a Facebook group if a phone call won’t work out.

As you invite folks to join you, keep in mind that you don’t have to be young, Catholic, or a woman to participate!

Download the Reading Guide.
There are lots of questions on the Reading Guide! We encourage you to use the ones that pique your interest most. A format that has worked for groups in the past has been to ask each member of the circle to bring just one question per chapter, whether it’s from the Reading Guide or one that struck them as they were reading that chapter.

Find your copy of From the Pews in the Back.
Whether it’s from the Liturgical Press website or your local bookstore, a paperback or an ebook, get your copy in hand.

If you want to meet over the course of a month, this is a schedule that has worked for another group:
Week One: Preface, Introduction, Chapter One
Week Two: Chapter Two, Chapter Three
Week Three: Chapter Four, Chapter Five
Week Four: Conclusion, Afterword

If you want to meet throughout the Lenten season, this is a schedule that has worked for another group:

Week of Feb. 17th, Ash Wednesday: Preface, Introduction
Week of Feb. 21st: Ch. 1
Week of Feb. 28th: Ch. 2
Week of March 7th: Ch. 3
Week of March 14th: Ch. 4
Week of March 21st: Ch. 5
Week of March 28th: Conclusion, Afterword

Let us know how it goes!
Leave your comments below or shoot us an email ( as your circle gets going.


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