Continuing the Story….

As we reflect back on the past four years, we are incredibly grateful for the people who have supported this work–those who believed in our idea before it had a publisher, those who had enough faith in it to offer us a contract, those who have read our book and our blog, those who have engaged with these ideas through speaking engagements and reading circles throughout the country. It has been so encouraging to learn that there is, in fact, a need for the voices of young women in our Catholic tradition. Although we will continue to speak about From the Pews in the Back, we have discerned that the time has come to push pause on this blog. We encourage folks to take advantage of the resources offered on the website, and definitely be in touch if we can be of support to you in any way as you gather reading circles and continue the story in your own way.

Peace be with you,

Kate and Jen


7 Responses

  1. Thanks for all the posts! I’ve really enjoyed the blog.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed these weekly posts. Are you familiar of any similar blogs–with reflections on the readings and about women in the church– that you could point us to in your absence?

  3. Just wanted to thank you for this blog. At 59 yrs, I am not in your target audience but I have enjoyed the essays more than I can say. Certainly they have given me lots to consider when I think about my Catholic church and the changes I’d like to see for my daughters and grandaughter. May God bless you in all your future endeavors.

  4. Thanks for your positive feedback, Erik. We really appreciate it.

    You know, Jordan, we don’t know of other blogs like this one, actually. Are you looking for further readings in feminist theology, or something along the lines of similar personal reflections? If you’re interested in feminist theology, a couple of Jen’s favorite authors are Elizabeth Johnson (her writing is very accessible!) and Maria Pilar Aquino. In terms of reflections like the ones in our book, we’ve heard good things about Young and Catholic in America and Beth Knobbe’s forthcoming book, One Single Life. She has a blog, as well

    And thanks so much for letting us know, Gail. Please know how much we appreciate your positivity and support.

  5. I just bought this book to read a passage of one of the authors I know personally.

    Knowing this person and reading what they had to say somehow blew me away. What they say and who they are are two completely different people. Her prejudices stand off the page, it’s hard not to miss.

    A proud Mexican-American Catholic who titles their entry in Spanish, but does not speak it at all. Who condemns her own race by pointing out sexism and patriarchy when in Mexico matriarchy is practiced and woman’s surnames are taken rather than the mans.

    I think that this entry, when seen closely and with a further understanding of people and culture, actually does more harm than good.

  6. Are you guys going to keep up the blog? I miss your insights on life and church. Something seems to be missing in my normal perusing…

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