By Kate Dugan

It’s snowing today in Chicago. The weather forecasters were warning about the morning commute and the National Weather Service people told us to make sure we had flashlights ready. On my morning run, there were several do-good shovelers out there shoveling, even as the snow continued.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the snow. But my parents remember a different version; when I was a toddler and walked on snow for the first time, I was freaked out by it. I imagine the texture and the uneavenness of it made my newly walking legs unstable. Apparently, not the fan I would become by the time I hit gradeschool.

Last weekend, my husband and I drove up to the parking lot of Washington’s Mt. Rainier National Park to do some New Year’s splitboarding. The snow had fallen over the night and, as we climbed into the snowline, he said something about how much he likes the quiet and the freshness of new snow.

There is something almost mystical about a new snow. It mutes parts of the world and blankets it in quietness.

And so it is, perhaps, with the new year. We usher in a new chapter of our lives, we mark new commitments or re-commitments with resolutions and we dream about the possibilities for the new year. It is a refreshing, potentially-filled time of year. And to do so amid the snow and the quiet seems to offer an element of reflection to this change of calendars. The snow invites us–me–to take a deep breath and think calmly about the new year.

What are some of your resolutions or goals or commitments for 2010? How is the change in calendar influencing you?


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