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2 Responses

  1. Rebecca,

    Since I am neither female nor young, I’m not sure if I am the target audience for this essay.

    Yet it does speak to me as I am a Catholic. For me intimate relations begin with consensuality. Without that, you are breaking God’s law as as well as those of almost all fifty states.

    There are those persons that equate sex and love as one in the same. They cannot have sex with someone they do not love and and whomever they do have sex with must love them at the same level.

    Where the rub comes is for those who see sex just as a pleasurable physical exercise like racquetball,or a good Nautilis workout. They indulge all of the senses with an eye towards healthy and safe actions but enjoy the event with few expectations of a recurrance.

    They reserve a deep and abiding love for the one they wish to spend the rest of their life together with. The rub comes there when said person decides that they do not wish to be your forever somebody. This brings the decision to never allow anyone that close again. Which serves well until the need for tactile or mental sexuality prods one into action.

    As I have gone through the ages, I have manuevered these waters time and again. Unfortunately I have gained no more wisdom with time than I might have liked.

    Your points are well taken, no surprise there, and patience is always a virtue. Well done my friend.

  2. Profoundly beautiful and thought provoking. Thank you for your insights.

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