A Humble Scribe

Teresa of Avila

Teresa of Avila

By Sr. Julie Vieira, IHM

I spent a good part of last week at my IHM Motherhouse. True to our namesake, I was a good “Sister Servant” as my charge was to be present at 4 days of important community meetings as the official minutes-taker.

One of the metaphors that the meeting facilitator used throughout the four days was that of the early church. She noted that like this representative group of IHM Sisters, the early church leaders — pastors of the community — met on occasion to check in with each other about how the whole community was living the mission of Jesus Christ and to offer renewal, encouragement, vision, and direction for the early Christian community.

In some small way, I felt like a scribe of the early church, someone looking in a group of strong, diverse, faithful women who had gathered to tend to the precious charism and mission that had been passed along to them from our founders. I felt a little like the author of the Gospel of John who, so it is written, was an eyewitness to the life and mission of Jesus. Like this evangelist, I wanted to render not just “words” but the word of how God was working within this group of IHM women. I wanted to reflect the story of transformation that was taking place, much like the evangelists wanted to write not a simple history or biography but the story of Jesus the Christ, a story of transformation of not only the people present but all those who read the story.

Though but a humble scribe, I was left in awe of the activity of God in this group of women, and I too felt transformed.

What is one of your sacred “eyewitness” experiences that left you transformed? When have you done an ordinary task (like taking minutes at a meeting) and been surprised to find an “ah-ha!” moment in that experience?

Sister Julie Vieira is a Sister, Servant of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and a writer. She writes regularly at A Nun’s Life about what it’s like to be a Catholic sister.


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  1. I love your insight… and your sharing of it. Yes, I have had the kind of experience you describe. It is awe-some. The experience I am recalling: when I rowed on a women’s crew team in college. We were a lovely bunch. and despite the fact that we were truly a motley crew, we even had success. We worked hard (for eachother), made sacrifices (for eachother), kept a sense of humor (for eachother) and slept very peacefully at night. We gave it our all… and we did love eachother. There were a few in the group who led the way, modeling hard work, self sacrifice, humor and generosity. It has been the experience by which I measure all other successful group efforts. and I miss it! wishing I could create it again and again. I was so priveleged. Actually, a group of women family members hosted a baby shower for our young niece this wkend and it was a bit like that. All for love of Christ.. in eachother.

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