My Aunt Mary

By: Kate Dugan 

From the Pews in the Back is becoming more and more real every day (we just received the proof pages!). As Jen & I gear up for the book’s printing, my mind is wandering more frequently to the kinds of conversations and questions that might happen around this book.

My Aunt Mary is my dad’s oldest sister. She’s in her mid-60s and was at a Franciscan college during Vatican II. She loves the liturgical changes and is always ready for a theological debate. I saw her over Christmas and she was eager to tell me that she is an avid reader of the Call to Action Young Adult Catholic blog. A friend of hers had forwarded her the link and they both read daily and discuss it occasionally.

This is so exciting to me! I love that these women are excited about what young adult Catholics are thinking and blogging about….and I am very impressed by their tech-savviness.

I am hopeful that this book and blog engage conversations and discussions.

What kind of conversations would you like to have with Catholics of older or younger generations?

Kate Dugan is one of the co-editors of From the Pews in the Back and is indebted to Aunt Mary for countless conversations about American Catholicism.


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