New Year’s Resolutions

I can’t help myself. This time of year always gets me into the resolving mood. Increase the number of miles I jog a week. Start yoga. Find a meditation group that I like. Cut mint chocolate chip ice cream out of my diet. Keep my personal blog updated. I’m always disappointed in how stereotypical I am about it…and amazed by how my resolve crumbles by my birthday at the end of February. 

And it’s a beautiful time in the Catholic calendar. We start of the year celebrating Mary, reminding ourselves of the potential for goodness and sacredness all around us. It is an invigorating time of the liturgical year.

I have a friend who thinks about New Year’s Resolutions in a beautiful way. In recent years, she has decided that her re-commitment to ideals around the first of each year would be less about a “grin & bear it” resolve and more about a change in attitude approach. Her approach makes January a month of reflection and evaluation and deciding how to direct ourselves in the next year, rather than guilt-ridden re-commitments.

I like it. I’m inspired by it.

What are you inspired by this January?

Kate Dugan is settling into life in Olympia, Washington this year.  She is resolving to live in the same zipcode for at least six months in 2009.


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