Gaudeamus! Third Sunday of Advent

Infinity, they say, is played upon in real time and space.
In the real work of the people, the liturgy extends beyond, and beyond, and beyond.
Nebulous and That which is Divine moves and changes.

“Who are you? What are you, then?” the Levites and priests ask
But John only knows his (k)nots:
“I am not the Christ.”
“I am not Elijah.”
“I am not the Prophet.”

“There is one among you whom you do not recognize, the one who is coming after me,” is John’s positive reply. One whom he may not recognize: Divinity moves.

Harry Potter and company have demonized the shape-shifters.
Divine is on the move, shifting shape, but never becoming less
Second person of the Trinity engendering,
Sent and come and coming,
Oh Awe,
I’m coming!
“Do not quench the Spirit,” Paul reminds us.

“The garden makes its growth spring up.
So the Lord God makes Justice and Praise spring up.”
And a pink candle glows to remind us that

Incarnation changes everything.

Kate Lassiter tries to draw her dreams, nightmares, and visions, but mostly she just uses words.
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