Reflections on Priesthood

I’ve only been on the East Coast for the last two weeks, but during that short time, two different Catholic women in my life have shared with me, somewhat confessionally, that they have callings to priesthood. Both women are incredibly talented, with gifts that they already use to serve the Church in important ways, gifts that could be developed to continue to serve the Church as wonderful priests. Neither feels particularly comfortable converting to another denomination, which I definitely appreciate. Why should one have to change denominations in order to honor God’s call?

It reminds me of a conversation one of our authors describes in her piece. During a debate on this issue, Kate Long’s roommate explained to her that God would not give a woman a call that she could not honor. However, Kate wondered whether this is all part of God’s plan for change. Might God start calling these women to priesthood to lead the Church in this direction?

As I continue to discern why God has placed these women in my path, we came across an email from another of our authors, who sent us this blog post on America’s website. Reflecting on the 30th anniversary of his own ordination as a Catholic priest, one of our favorite professors applies the predicament of my two friends to his own life. What would he have done if the institutional Church had not allowed him to become a priest, to honor his own call? How can those who work within the Church stand with those pushed to the margins in this way?



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