Let’s get together!

Intrigued? Questions? Like to bounce ideas off other authors?

Join us for information sessions:
Monday, March 19th, at 4-5 pm, Rockefeller Hall, Room 1, Harvard Divinity School:
http://www.hds.harvard.edu/about_hds/directions.html or

Thursday, March 22nd, at 3-4 pm, Haley House Conference Center, Boston College: http://www.bc.edu/about/meta-elements/pdf/chestnut-hill-map-1-07.pdf.

(We’ll have snacks, too!)
If you have questions, please email Kate Dugan & Jen Owens at youngwomenandcatholicism@gmail.com.


One Response

  1. Jen and Kate,

    I heard about your project through my department at Saint Louis University–I’m a theology grad student there. I should have looked up your blog earlier, because I was just in Boston two days ago and would have loved to have talked to you at some point. Anyway, I’m interested in submitting something, but I’m not sure what. And I really like the idea for this project…hope you get a lot of submissions!


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